Agatha Ripp


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When a homeless prostitute, Agatha Ripp, arrives at McNamara/Troy, the doctors fear she simply wants pro bono surgery for scars on her wrists. But she tells Christian and Sean that she is being deified by a devout parish of Christians because her injuries resemble the stigmata, the wounds Jesus Christ suffered on the cross. She asks them to reveal to everyone that she caused the injuries herself and is not a spiritual leader. But when a manipulative priest and a sympathetic nun try to take Agatha away--and more wounds appear--Sean and Christian, both nonbelievers, become caught up in a predicament that changes the way they think about faith. Also, while coping with the questions raised by Agatha's situation, Sean experiences a powerful personal crisis as well. Meanwhile, after Liz reveals that she is pregnant from Christian's sperm donation, Christian tries to become more involved in her decisions about the unborn child than she is comfortable with.


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