Rose & Raven Rosenberg


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Sean's life is in ruins after learning that Christian is Matt's biological father due to a premarital tryst with Julia. He ejects Julia from their house and demands the dissolution of his partnership with Christian. But the two devastated men must first make a business trip to a New York university to separate adult conjoined twins, Rose and Raven Rosenberg in a historic operation. Since the surgery is being performed pro bono, there are no fancy accommodations, and the doctors are forced to share a dormitory room like they did in college, spurring much cathartic reflection on their relationship. After the shocking outcome of the grueling surgery and the other events of the trip, they make a difficult decision on the future of McNamara/Troy. Meanwhile, Matt copes with his pain regarding the family turmoil by continuing to date manipulative Ava (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN), to the concern of Julia, Sean and Christian.


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