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Sean and Julia make an important decision about their unborn baby. After getting into trouble with their new boss, Sean and Christian discover the drawbacks of no longer owning their practice. Matt's decision to go down a new path in life is met with uncertainty by his family. Meanwhile, an aristocratic gay man, Arthur Stiles (RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN), wants his younger lover to look as distinguished as he does. And James (recurring guest star JACQUELINE BISSET), a woman who has a mysterious past with Michelle (recurring guest star SANAA LATHAN), arrives.


Dylan Walsh
as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon
as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson
as Julia McNamara
John Hensley
as Matt McNamara
Kelsey Lynn Batelaan
as Annie McNamara
Roma Maffia
as Liz Cruz
Kelly Carlson
as Kimber Henry
Sanaa Lathan
as Michelle Landau
Linda Klein
as Nurse Linda
as Christian's Lap Dancer
Lloyd Weaver
as Boxing Instructor
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