Dawn Budge


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Christian earns a fortune from a rags-to-riches client, Dawn Budge (recurring guest star ROSIE O'DONNELL), outside of McNamara/Troy, when she requests surgical makeovers for her entire family. Nonetheless, Christian continues longing for what he does not have: an honest and loving relationship. Meanwhile, James (recurring guest star JACQUELINE BISSET) blackmails Christian while forcing a terrified Michelle (recurring guest star SANAA LATHAN) to remember her past actions. Sean makes Julia a very romantic offer. And Kimber convinces Matt to move out of his parents' house.


Dylan Walsh
as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon
as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson
as Julia McNamara
John Hensley
as Matt McNamara
Kelsey Lynn Batelaan
as Annie McNamara
Kelly Carlson
as Kimber Henry
Sanaa Lathan
as Michelle Landau
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