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A secret from Sean's childhood makes him determined to move baby Conor's surgery ahead of schedule, despite Julia's apprehension and Marlowe's (recurring guest star PETER DINKLAGE) objection. Mrs. Grubman (recurring guest star RUTH WILLIAMSON) visits Christian to make her final request for cosmetic surgery. And Conor becomes a common bond between Julia and Marlowe in their evolving relationship. MO'NIQUE ("Beerfest," "The Parkers") guest stars as Evetta Washington. Singer/songwriter BURT BACHARACH guest stars as himself and performs.


Dylan Walsh
as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon
as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson
as Julia McNamara
John Hensley
as Matt McNamara
Kelsey Lynn Batelaan
as Annie McNamara
Roma Maffia
as Liz Cruz
Kelly Carlson
as Kimber Henry
Peter Dinklage
as Marlowe Sawyer
Ruth Williamson
as Hedda Grubman
as Evetta Washington
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