Joyce & Sharon Monroe


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Sean and Christian learn about the glamorous side of fame and the price that people are willing to pay for it. Julia visits Sean, Christian and Liz in Los Angeles with a surprise announcement. Recurring guest star BRADLEY COOPER appears as Aidan Stone, recurring guest star PORTIA de ROSSI appears as Olivia Lord, recurring guest star PAULA MARSHALL appears as Kate Tinsley, SUSAN GRIFFITHS guest stars as Joyce Monroe, MERILEE BRASCH appears as Sharon Monroe and recurring guest star LAUREN HUTTON appears as Fiona McNeil.


Dylan Walsh
as Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon
as Christian Troy
Joely Richardson
as Julia McNamara
Kelsey Lynn Batelaan
as Annie McNamara
Roma Maffia
as Liz Cruz
Paula Marshall
as Kate Tinsley
Portia de Rossi
as Olivia Lord
Susan Griffiths
as Joyce Monroe
Merilee Brasch
as Sharon Monroe
Lauren Hutton
as Fiona McNeil
Bradley Cooper
as Aidan Stone
Leslie Bega
as Photographer
Linda Klein
as Nurse Linda
Miki Mia
as Nurse
Tom Nobles
as Charlie Essence
Heather Olt
as Assistant Director
Paul Papadakis
as Steve Stevens
James Price
as Fat Elvis
Craig Reed
as Construction Worker
Palmer Scott
as Nigel the Director
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