Tell Me a Secret


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A college football player's murder gets Jake's attention when he realizes the suspect is the son of an old friend. Meanwhile, Oscar's jailhouse interview reveals troubling photos and information that rattle Levi.


Piper Perabo
as Julia George
Daniel Sunjata
as Jake Gregorian
Kate Jennings Grant
as Louise Herrick
Aimee Teegarden
as Ella Benjamin
J. August Richards
as Bradley Gregorian
Sepideh Moafi
as Megan Byrd
Ryan Guzman
as Ryan Mills
Kevin Zegers
as Oscar Keaton
Monica Barbaro
as Chloe Edwards
Zak Henri
as Dax Edwards
Kenneth Mitchell
as Det. Ken Matthews
Dylan Bruno
as Coach Phil Ryder
Marc Blucas
as Eric Jessup
Michael Moon
as Sanchez
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