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Air date: Sep 27, 1981

The use of computers by financial institutions and industry in the gathering and exchange of personal information. James Whitmore is the narrator.

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Air date: Oct 4, 1981

A report on outdated fire codes and flammability-testing methods, the use of combustible plastics in furnishings and building materials, arson, and inadequate sprinkler systems and smoke detectors.

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Air date: Oct 11, 1981

An examination of 17th and 18th-century musical instruments that are still known for their remarkably superior sounds. Included: an interview with violinist Joseph Silverstein and a history of the instrument.

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Air date: Oct 18, 1981

Examining X-rays emitted by heavenly bodies that are helping astronomers learn about the sun's corona, black holes and pulsing neutron stars.

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Air date: Oct 25, 1981

Locusts' devastating effects on farmland in Africa and Asia. Also: techniques for predicting and preventing future calamities.

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Air date: Nov 1, 1981

Examining the evolutionary process, including the role of genetics.

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Air date: Nov 15, 1981

Computers graphics used to draw maps, create music and simulate space travel. Also: a look at holograms and three-dimensional images.

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Air date: Nov 22, 1981

Dr. Lewis Thomas studies the "connectedness of life" through vivid microscopic photography. Organisms examined include one-celled bacteria and sponges. Narrator: Bill Mason.

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Air date: Nov 29, 1981

Surveying open-air plazas in urban areas like New York City. Narrated by author William H. Whyte.

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Air date: Dec 6, 1981

Physical and behavioral similarities between twins are studied through the case of brothers separated at birth and reunited 24 years later.

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