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The Proof


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Nova documents the mathematical feat of the century with the completion of Andrew Wiles' childhood dream. When he was ten, Wiles read about a man named Pierre De Fermat. Responsible for the creation of the Pythagorean Theorem, Fermat left a note in the margin of one of his texts indicating he had proven part of the equation. But, for 350 years, nobody had been able to do the same and the work itself was never found. Since that day in the library, Wiles had one purpose in life, to prove Fermet's last theory. Equivalent to capturing the mathematical Holy Grail, the task was daunting. Nova captures the struggle, intrigue, and genius behind this gutsy move. And just when Wiles thinks he has the answer, it slips away. With enough drama to rival a Hollywood movie, the race concludes. Mathematician John Conway summarizes the irony of the situation, "I'm sad in some ways, because Fermet's last theorem has been responsible for so much. What will we find to take its place?"


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