Ice Mummies: The Return of the Iceman


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Nova accompanies archaeologists on a historic mission as they explore the life and times of a 5,300-year-old mummy. Nicknamed Otzi after the Alps in which he was found, the Stone Age iceman smashed previously held conceptions about that time period. To begin with, he had traces of copper in his hair. Until then, scientists thought medal production came centuries later. After a thorough examination including a CAT scan, x-rays, and biopsies, a picture began to emerge of Otzi's world. Living to a ripe old age of 45, the iceman carried an axe, waterproof cape, and a quiver full of arrows. He probably had lifelong medical problems and died with a few broken ribs. To top it all off, Otzi sported over 50 tattoos, many of which were thought to have healing powers. Nova provides a stunning and humanizing look at a time long past.


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