Ice Mummies: Frozen in Heaven


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This television documentary follows researcher Johan Reinhard and his team as they travel up Sara Sara, a giant volcano located in the Andes mountains, in search of answers about the way that the ancient Inca people lived. They investigate the Inca ceremony called capa cocha . This was a mysterious ritual in which the Incas sacrificed their children to the mountain gods. This ritual was always presented by Spanish chronicles as bloody. One of these children was found frozen in 1954. The 500-year-old body is preserved and studied in a museum in Chile. Later examples bring into question how the children were sacrificed. Much of what they are searching for was destroyed by Spanish Catholic monks hundreds of years ago in an attempt to rid Peru of their past religious ways. At an elevation of 18,000 feet, the team must dig through six feet of 500-year-old frozen gravel.


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