Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden


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This television documentary is concerned with a 2,400-year-old frozen woman who was buried with a wealth of artifacts and discovered by scientist Natalia Polosmak in Siberia. She was removed from her grave and displayed across the world, but was returned to Polosmak to learn more of her secrets. Past discoveries of the ancient Pazyryk people by Russian archaeologist Sergei Rodenko are discussed, then the discovery by Polosmak of an intact grave with frozen horses, the body, and artifacts in 1993. Surprised to find a woman buried by herself (meaning she was an important figure, not a concubine), they discuss the other secrets unlocked from the grave. Forensic scientists and biochemists test the body. Questions arise about her death, the meaning of symbolic items and tattoos, and where certain materials came from. They try to date the coffin and body through carbon dating and by counting rings in the larch tree that were used as the coffin.


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