Garden of Eden


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Two hundred million years ago, as the supercontinent of Pangea broke up, a tiny archipelago was isolated by the drift of India, Madagascar, and Australia. Eventually, these islands would be known as the Seychelles and would acquire a reputation as one of the most exotic environments on Earth. In this episode of the PBS show Nova, viewers are taken on an in-depth exploration of this unique territory. Jacques Cousteau called the outermost islands of this chain "one of the last sanctuaries on the planet that man has not yet defiled." Along with the attention paid to the unique flora and fauna of the islands, this tape investigates the history of man's intrusion into this forgotten world. The exploration of the islands in 1881 by famed British explorer Charles "Chinese" Gordon is covered, as well as the contemporary issues that face the future of this tiny chain. Viewers with an interest in natural history or contemporary environmental issues will find these videos of value. This tape is certainly up to the standards of other Nova programs, featuring an astonishing assortment of photography as well as cogent and probing narration.


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