The Mummy Who Would Be King


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Find out just how a neglected mummy that was once declared a fraud was eventually discovered to be the remains of the long-lost pharaoh who founded Egypt's most prominent dynasty in a time-traveling documentary that travels from ancient Egypt to late-20th Century Niagara Falls to solve a haunting, 3,000 year-old mystery. Long neglected on the decaying shelves of a Niagara Falls museum, the mysterious, shriveled mummy had been bought, sold, and stolen so many times by the time it was "discovered" in the 1960s, its origins were nearly impossible to determine. Thanks to an international investigation involving a dedicated team of scientists, archeologists, and a lone orthodontist mixing the most advanced genetic imaging and testing techniques with the tried and true methods of archeological analysis, however, the long-thought-lost body of Ramses I was soon transported to a Cairo museum to find ultimate repose among the most notable names in Egyptian royalty.


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