Mystery of the Megavolcano


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Travel deep into the heart of Southeast Asia to examine the lingering evidence of the greatest volcanic eruption in the last 100,000 years in this installment of the award-winning PBS program Nova. On the surface it is a peaceful, placid lake nestled deep in the landscape, but a look beneath the surface reveals a massive magma chamber that, during the Ice Age, blotted out the sun by sending thick ash and dangerous gasses rocketing skyward. Many experts surmise that it was the Toba eruption which may have ushered in an unprecedented freeze while nearly pushing our distant human ancestors to the brink of extinction in the process. Now science buffs can follow along in an investigation of one of Earth's greatest mysteries as the filmmakers at Nova explore this unparalleled catastrophe while lingering on the questions it raises concerning human evolution and our planet's fragile ecosystem.


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