Wings of Madness


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The first European to fly an airplane and a pioneer in the field of dirigibles, fashionable, Brazilian-born aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont would fast become a popular celebrity as a result of his fearless innovation. Though he took great interest in pursuing his vision as the flying machine as a personal transportation vehicle, Santos-Dumont would find his days of making an airborne entrance to garden parties and trendy cafes numbered when the Wright Brothers eclipsed his success by unveiling the very first airplane in France. Subsequently disheartened to see the whimsical machine he had worked so hard to craft not only credited to others but appropriated for the purpose of dropping bombs as well, Santos-Dumont later slipped into irreversible illness and despair. With this release aviation buffs can fully explore the colorful yet ultimately tragic life of a forgotten pioneer whose brilliant technological innovation made him the toast of turn-of-the-century Paris.


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