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Numb3rs (2005 - 2010)

Numb3rs (2005 - 2010)






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An FBI special agent in Los Angeles teams with his mathematical genius brother to solve crimes. Don, a veteran investigator, relies on hard facts and evidence to catch crooks, while his younger brother Charlie, a brilliant university professor, analyzes mathematical equations and statistics to provide case clues.more


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2009, CBS, 16 episodes

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2008, CBS, 23 episodes

Numb3rs: Season 4
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2007, CBS, 18 episodes

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2006, CBS, 24 episodes

Numb3rs: Season 2
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2005, CBS, 24 episodes

Numb3rs: Season 1
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2005, CBS, 13 episodes

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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Jan 23, 2005
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producers: Ridley Scott , Tony Scott , Cheryl Heuton , Nicolas Falacci
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Mark D. Espinoza
as Frank Lopez
Rob Morrow
as Don Eppes
Nancy Travis
as Jane Karellen
Mark D. Espinoza
as Frank Lopez
David Krumholtz
as Charlie Eppes
Judd Hirsch
as Alan Eppes
Alimi Ballard
as David Sinclair
Sabrina Lloyd
as Terry Lake
Peter MacNicol
as Larry Fleinhardt
Gloria Reuben
as Erica Weston
Anthony Heald
as Walt Merrick (pilot ...
CCH Pounder
as Lt. Havercamp
Jeffrey D. Sams
as Mark Sutter
Tito Ortiz
as Tino Alva
Alan Davidson
as Robert Skidmore
Elizabeth Connors
as Claudia Kramer
Stacy Edwards
as Gail Hoke
Teri Polo
as Rachel Willons
Navi Rawat
as Amita Ramanujan
Max Martini
as Agent Cooper
Reynaldo Rosales
as Darryl Gerth
Ethan Embry
as Blake Gosnell
Yasmine Delawari
as Nasreen Kafaji
JoBeth Williams
as Margaret Eppes
Michelle C. Lee
as Michelle Kim
Matt Keeslar
as Agent Raymond
Martin Jarvis
as Taylor Ashby
D.J. Qualls
as Anthony Braxton
Michael Stahl-David
as Josh Skinner
Robinne Lee
as Agent Larkin
Max Van Ville
as Josh Kramer
Susan Egan
as Becky Burkick
Keith Szarabajka
as Frank Milton
Annie Duke
as Dealer
Robert Forster
as Thomas Lawson
Eric Steinberg
as Agent Rho
Russell Wong
as Jeremy Wang
Wendell Pierce
as William Bradford
Zeljko Ivanek
as William Fraley
Karen Norby
as Kate Silber
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