Lost and Found


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Kenny and Lazarus try to stop a suspect before he detonates a bomb at a public rally. Meanwhile, Tonya and White House help a lost boy find his mother; Ahmad and Jackpot transport a van of rowdy prisoners.


Leelee Sobieski
as Jennifer "White House" Perry
Judy Marte
as Tonya Sanchez
Tom Reed
as Ahmad "Kiterunner" Kahn
Stark Sands
as Kenny McClaren
Adam Goldberg
as Ray "Lazarus" Harper
Terry Kinney
as Daniel "Yoda" Dean
Felix Solis
as Terry Howard
Victor Williams
as Sgt. Conrad
Daniel Sauli
as Joe Martini
Robert Kelly
as George Moore
Samantha Mathis
as Natalie Heartwood
Dylan Clark Marshall
as Sean Heartwood
Klisha Kayelle Thomas
as Karima Harding
Josh Joya
as J.J. Martinez
Kevin Brown
as Clarence
Gloria Sauve
as Ms. Adams
Ed Moran
as Bomb Squad Detective
Count Stovall
as Minister Robert Clayton
Jeremy Beiler
as Photographer
James McKnight
as Doggie Detective
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