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      Once Upon a Time: Season 7 Reviews

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      Feb 17, 2023

      I'm going to pretend that season 7 didn't happen

      Dec 15, 2022

      Meh, this was the worst season by far, in my opinion, seriously a letdown to the rest seasons

      Oct 16, 2022

      It had a great potential to be the best season of the series but it was lost as the episodes went by, The plot is not very exciting, much less the new characters which are completely without personality, They took away all the magic that was in the characterization of the evil queen and the lack of Emma swan was noticeable, if they had cared more about the original story instead of creating several empty scenarios this season would have everything to be perfect.A little sensitivity from the directors to this season would have been great, The massive departure of the cast could have been resolved in another way, at least without leaving the noticeable void that was left by the departure of the Charmings, Emma Swan and others from the cast, The The idea of hyperion heights is wonderful, A new neighborhood, new stories, But they didn't know how to explore it, The fact that it is a land without magic made it very difficult for the protagonists, The curse should have been broken in a better way, And the force of the narrative of understood child has already been used a lot, They could have approached it another way, This season might as well not have been the end if it had been better crafted at all.

      Oct 1, 2022

      This is just a joke, I refuse to believe this season exist.

      Sep 3, 2022

      I enjoyed the rest of the series but prefer to imagine this season never came into existence. It's not even the same show; it doesn't follow the same characters and is set like 15 years later in a different part of the country. They ended the show well in season 6, let it rest.

      Jan 24, 2022

      This season, while not the best, is still a decent addition. It was by no means needed but takes a spin on the original storyline of Season 1. With a basically full new cast, we see very little of the old characters we fell in love with, and are forced to wait patiently for their return. We're pushed into this place with no real rhyme or reason until very late into the season, and even then it makes you wonder if the journey was worth it. The introduction of an overabundance of new characters and stories is at times overwhelming and makes you question why this season was green-lighted. Season 6 is a good spot to finish watching unless you happen to have a lot of time on your hands. The acting is superb as always, however, the actors were handed a sub-par script, but they made the most of it and did the best they could with their respective roles.

      Oct 20, 2021

      I thought season seven was great! I loved the storyline twist, the new characters… it was all very fresh and new. There were a few holes that I wish they'd cleaned up, but overall I'm glad I watched season 7. I gave it four stars because some of the actors got on my nerves and I had to skip parts of the show because their scenes were very slow and repetitive.

      Jun 9, 2021

      I usually love everything but this season was a train wreck. Without Emma the story became convoluted a season set around the truest believer not believing was nonsensical. The Wish Realm should have disappeared once the wish was undone in season six. This entire season was just a repeat of season one without the charm. Different versions of the same characters did not work out the way the writers hoped that they would. I think Henry's future should have been a mystery so that fans could imagine their own story for him or at the very least they should have given him an original love interest. This show already had a Cinderella and there were other options.

      Mar 1, 2021

      This is a marvelous and amazing show. Except for this season, it is as if they just had to get more money off the show. it is just unacceptable that they had to ruin a perfect show if I could have a lower rating I would. Here are some reasons why it was ruined, when Snow Emma and charming left, they should have known that it wasn't a good idea. The only I repeat the only reason this even has half a star is that Regina, Hook, and Rumple stayed if they had left so help me I would have found a way to give this a zero star review. My opinion is my opinion but you should entirely skip this season and watch the last episode it is pretty much just repeating season one but with Lucy (Henry's daughter) being Henry and henry being Emma but instead of an adoptive mom it is Lucy's real mom raising her but Jacindas (Lucy's mom) stepmom is evil.

      Jan 27, 2021

      Just ignore this season and skip to the end, just watch Regina get her happy ending FINALLY, she truly and 100% deserved it after so much hard work. The rest of the season was bad.. it had its moments and the writing was still clever BUT it was bad, and basically repeating season 1. I did appreciate bat curled hair Regina, she was fun and worked more with new good person Regina because she's still got that evil Queen sass even though she's reformed. But just watch the last episode and skip the rest of the season, imagine season 1 except it's Henry and his kid and also Rapunzel and another Cinderella. But the same general idea. I didn't completely hate it though, I liked it enough to watch the whole thing but really as I've said like 3 times, just watch the last episode, it's a perfect ending and a tearjerker. Made me very happy.

      Jan 1, 2021

      The last season was not as bad as I feared, the last episode was perfect

      Nov 20, 2020

      A horribly cheesy show that is cloying enough to make you feel Disney is suffocating you with it's desperate and unoriginal script writing. It borrows from 100's of other, good, scripts because this show has nothing to say that other good writers haven't said before.

      Oct 31, 2020

      It was just no❤️ Its juat a repeat a horrible repeat lucy trying to be henry and henry being emma it was just all wrong and all over the place it would have been perfectly fine ending it after season 6 or making season 6 about their happy endings /beginnings

      Sep 3, 2020

      The recasting and alternated versions of characters were hard to keep up with. Explanations here were long-winded and quite a stretch. Why couldn't they just end it and let people leave with happy endings?

      Aug 11, 2020

      Full circle with interesting aspects but for a final season it felt somewhat lackluster. Overall still enjoyable with classic OUAT fashion.

      Jun 24, 2020

      God. I don't even know why to say about this season. The last season had the perfect ending and didn't need another season. It just feels like they had a successful show so they decided they could make a bit more cash with season 7. Another good show ruined for no good reason.

      Jun 17, 2020

      I LOVED ITTT!!! it's amazingly good

      May 26, 2020

      I don't understand the low scores for this season. Compared to this season, seasons 4 through 6 were trash. The villains were far better developed in season 7 and the story was much better. I felt like the loss of Jennifer Morrisey (for most of the season) gave the writers more freedom to make the other characters more interesting.

      May 24, 2020

      One of my all time favorite television series that commited suicide in its final season. I did find that this season was tolerable when i fast forwarded scenes that involved Jacinda/ Cinderella and Lucy. The story line could have worked if the casting professionals had been more picky with the actresses to fulfill those roles. It was impossible to connect to these two and the actress that played Jacinda was just irratating to watch with her odd facial expressions and generally off base with scenes and the other characters...she just didnt fit. It was off putting having to stomach a Cinderella with a modern Jersey girl accent. Like I said forward any Jacinda/ Cinderella and Lucy scenes and its actually not too bad to get through. I am still stunned at how these actresses were even cast in these roles.

      Apr 23, 2020

      They should have ended the series at season 6. I finally watched the last season. It was ok, but it lacks the magic of the previous seasons.

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