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Will Scarlet's early days pilfering with Robin Hood are revealed in a flashback. Meanwhile, in Wonderland, a Bandersnatch is disposed to find Alice; and the White Rabbit's deception is exposed.


Sophie Lowe
as Alice
Michael Socha
as Knave of Hearts
Emma Rigby
as Red Queen
John Lithgow
as White Rabbit
Dylan Thomas Collingwood
as Friar Tuck/Injured Man
Jason Burkart
as Little John/Traveler One
Casey Manderson
as Traveler Two
Thomas Saunders
as Wealthy Gentleman
Sean MaGuire
as Robin Hood/Fourth Man
Roger Daltrey
as Caterpillar
Bob Phipps
as Screaming Head
Steve Bacic
as Grendel/Handsome Man
Catherine Michaud
as Young Woman
Brian George
as Old Prisoner
Brian George
as Maleficent
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