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Will Scarlet's early days pilfering with Robin Hood are revealed in a flashback. Meanwhile, in Wonderland, a Bandersnatch is disposed to find Alice; and the White Rabbit's deception is exposed.


Michael Socha
as Knave of Hearts
Emma Rigby
as Red Queen
John Lithgow
as White Rabbit
Dylan Thomas Collingwood
as Friar Tuck/Injured Man
Jason Burkart
as Little John/Traveler One
Casey Manderson
as Traveler Two
Thomas Saunders
as Wealthy Gentleman
Sean MaGuire
as Robin Hood/Fourth Man
Roger Daltrey
as Caterpillar
Bob Phipps
as Screaming Head
Steve Bacic
as Grendel/Handsome Man
Catherine Michaud
as Young Woman
Brian George
as Old Prisoner
Brian George
as Maleficent
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