The Orville: Season 2 Reviews

April 13, 2020
Irreverent, slightly obnoxious, but time-drainingly watchable.
May 6, 2019
Season 2 is occasionally a bumpy ride for its changes in story and pacing, but it's well worth the journey.
Full Review | Original Score: 8/10
March 7, 2019
When The Orville dials down the goofy comedy, it can hold its own with any of the more traditional science fiction properties out there.
January 24, 2019
Last night, I was emotionally moved by an episode about a character's pornography addiction-a concept so ridiculous that only some likeable characters and impeccable writing can pull off.
January 8, 2019
There is a sensitivity, skill and structural balance at work here which demonstrates what continues to make The Orville so special.
January 4, 2019
A surprising follow up to a Season 1 storyline... It's also welcoming, and another point of evidence that Seth McFarlane's Fox series is more than a parody of Star Trek.
January 3, 2019
Goofy, busy, and with a juvenile bent, but ultimately enjoyable.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
January 2, 2019
An understated, character-driven second season premiere that functions more like a day-in-the-life starship story than anything involving aliens or galactic peril.
January 2, 2019
The Orville decided to play it safe rather than deliver some edgy material in its second season premiere.
January 2, 2019
[It] may not want to be a space spoof, but if it's able to fully evolve into a character-driven dramedy that just happens to be set in space, then that's adding something unique to the genre. And that could make "The Orville" a show worth watching.
Full Review | Original Score: B
January 2, 2019
If the season 2 premiere of The Orville is any indication... [the show] has found its footing and maybe its identity in telling smaller, more character-driven stories, that better serve its sometimes confounding mix of sincerity and irreverence.
January 2, 2019
The Orville is playing to it strengths right out of the gate. If any of the tonal wonkiness of the first season was off-putting for anyone, this second season debut seems to be sending a clear message: This show is a sitcom first.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
January 2, 2019
McFarlane has crafted "The Orville" into something of a light dessert for your evening TV viewing.
January 2, 2019
Starting the season by focusing entirely on the characters and their relatively modest problems was a great pay off for all the effort season one put into developing the crew of the Orville into a group of people we care about.
Full Review | Original Score: B+