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Oz is buzzing with news of Metzger's (Bill Fagerbakke) death. McManus (Terry Kinney) recommends an old friend, Sean Murphy (Robert Clohessy), to Glynn (Ernie Hudson) as a replacement. Schillinger (J.K. Simmons), unhappy with the prison's investigation into Metzger's murder, decides that the Nazis should investigate on their own. Cyril (Scott Winters) gets thrown into the hole after Robson (R.E. Rodgers) provokes him by talking about how the Nazis raped him. His brother, Ryan (Dean Winters), finds out he's had 40 years tacked onto his sentence for getting Cyril to kill Dr. Nathan's (Lauren Velez) husband. Coyle (Treach) gets reassigned to the barbershop, where he tells Hill (Harold Perrineau) a lurid tale of a gruesome murder of an entire family for which he was never caught. Hill, horrified by the crime, considers ratting out Coyle, who later tells Hill that a friend videotaped the crime. Said (Eamon Walker) meets again with Tricia Ross (Arija Bareikis), who is involved in the lawsuit over the riots. There is obviously some kind of mutual attraction between the two, and his followers chastise him. Said threatens a hunger strike when McManus won't allow him to keep food in his cell during Ramadan. Diane Wittlesey (Edie Falco) learns from McManus that her mother has died. Claire Howell (Kristin Rohde) flies into a violent jealous rage after seeing McManus comfort Wittlesey. Keller (Christopher Meloni) asks to be released from protective custody, but Beecher (Lee Tergesen) won't forgive him, and Keller is later stabbed by an unseen assailant. Adebisi (Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje) asks to be transferred to the AIDS ward, and his revenge plot begins to take shape. Dr. Garvey (Milo O'Shea) has another angry exchange with Dr. Nathan over the non-treatment of the suicidal Alvarez (Kirk Acevedo), and fires her. This episode was directed by actor Matt Dillon.


Frederick Koehler
as Prisoner #99S333 Andrew Schillinger
Kathryn Erbe
as Shirley
Terry Kinney
as Tim McManus
Arija Bareikis
as Tricia Ross
Betty Buckley
as Suzanne Fitzgerald
Reg E. Cathey
as Martin Querns
Anthony Chisholm
as Burr Reading
Robert Clohessy
as Off. Sean Murphy
Carl DiMaggio
as Off. Len Lopresti
John Doman
as Col. Edward Galson
Sean Dugan
as Timmy Kirk
Christopher Meloni
as Christopher Keller
Rick Fox
as Jackson Vayhue
Joel Grey
as Lemuel Idzick
Ray Iannicelli
as Off. Roger Breese
Zeljko Ivanek
as Gov. James Devlin
Brendan Kelly
as Wolfgang Cutler
Tom Ligon
as Alvin Yood
Patti LuPone
as Stella Coffa
John Lurie
as Greg Pender
Tom Mardirosian
as Agamemnon Busmalis
Ellen McElduff
as Elenor O'Connor
Milo O'Shea
as Dr. Frederick Garvey
Blayne Perry
as Samuel Gougeon
Larry Pine
as Arnold Zelman
Sandra Purpuro
as Catherine McClain
Blake Robbins
as Off. David Brass
R.E. Rodgers
as James Robson
Kristin Rohde
as Off. Claire Howell
Otto Sanchez
as Carmen `Chico' Guerra
Paul Schulze
as Off. Rick Heim
Philip Scozzarella
as Off. Joseph Mineo
Jon Seda
as Dino Ortolani
Lou Sones
as Steve Dawkins
Thomas G. Waites
as Henry Stanton
Joel West
as Glen Shupe
Steven Wishnoff
as Tony Masters
Michael Wright
as Omar White
Emanuel Yarbrough
as Clarence Seroy
David Zayas
as Enrique Morales
Chuck Zito
as Charles Pancamo
Granville Adams
as Zahir Arif
Dena Atlantic
as Floria Mills
Tim Brown
as Off. Jason Armstrong
Bobby Cannavale
as Alonzo Torquemada
Antoni Corone
as Frances Urbano
Ernie Hudson
as Leo Glynn
Edie Falco
as Diane Wittlesey
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