Tiddles' Troubles


Episode Info

Comedy animation series starring Dodge the beagle, Sheeba the tabby cat and Bingo the guinea pig - three domestic pets who lead a thrilling double life as unlikely superheroes. Transformed by an invention discarded by their owner, Professor Eureka, this trio of crime fighters strive to save P Town from crazy, old bird Mother Goose, her Duck Henchmen and evil sidekicks; Posey the Parrot, Jonathan the Fabulous Peacock, Dr Two Heads and the world's greatest trappers, Country the mule and Western the goat. Tiddles is a scared and lost little kitten but the more scared she gets, the bigger she grows. When Tiddles becomes larger than every building in P Town, she can't escape the notice of the evil Mother Goose. Excited by the giant kitten's potential destructive powers, Mother Goose lures Tiddles to flatten P Town in readiness for Gooseland. It's up to Pet Squad to find the kitten's owner and shrink the monster cat back to normal, pronto!