The New Kid


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Comedy animation series starring Dodge the beagle, Sheeba the tabby cat and Bingo the guinea pig - three domestic pets who lead a thrilling double life as unlikely superheroes. Transformed by an invention discarded by their owner, Professor Eureka, this trio of crime fighters strive to save P Town from crazy, old bird Mother Goose, her Duck Henchmen and evil sidekicks; Posey the Parrot, Jonathan the Fabulous Peacock, Dr Two Heads and the world's greatest trappers, Country the mule and Western the goat. Mother Goose disguises her loyal servant duck, Wilbur, as a rival superhero,The Extermigator, and arranges for him to foil some fake robberies. If The Extermigator wins P Town's Citizens Against Crime Award, Wilbur can kidnap Mayor Matthews as he's awarded the gong and Mother Goose will take control of the town. Will Pet Squad discover that The Extermigator is a fake in time?