Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez


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The Padres are on edge, as rumors of the team potentially trading Blip emerge. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to navigate working with the Padres' interim president; and Mike attempts to mend his relationship with Amelia.


Kylie Bunbury
as Ginny Baker
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
as Mike Lawson
Ali Larter
as Amelia Slater
Mark Consuelos
as Oscar Arguella
Dan Lauria
as Al Luongo
Mo McRae
as Blip Sanders
Meagan Holder
as Evelyn Sanders
Tim Jo
as Eliot
Ryan Dorsey
as Tommy Miller
Scott Peat
as Butch Hunter
Kevin Connolly
as Charlie Graham
Yohance Biagas-Bey
as Gabriel Sanders
Zakai Biagas-Bey
as Marcus Sanders
John Eddins
as Coach Brad Himes
Parker Croft
as Jordan Collins
Michael Beach
as Bill Baker
Reston Williams
as Ray Collins
Josh Marble
as Bellman
Jason Canela
as Omar Robles
Shamier Anderson
as Trevor Davis
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