Live Free or Die


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Conscious of the ongoing threats to his family's safety, Dr. Wayne Golder of Bedford, NH, chose to keep championing women's abortion rights, even after Dr. Barnett Slepian of New York was murdered. This program examines why this obstetrician and gynecologist still believes in a woman's right to choose and to receive helpful educational materials that promote abstinence. After a local middle school decided it was too risky to let Dr. Golder keep teaching his sex education class due to the disruptive pro-life demonstrators outside, the battle over abortion rights intensified even more. This film is not only about keeping lawful abortions available in America; it's also about the character of a doctor who's determined to live by his beliefs, even when his own life is seriously threatened. This program won the Justice and Human Rights Award at the 2000 Vermont International Film Festival.