True-Hearted Vixens


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While women have been making steady inroads into professional sports in the last two decades -- with the WNBA gaining a solid and growing fan base for women's basketball, women's soccer seemingly poised to follow suit, and women's boxing growing past novelty status into an established sport -- the rough-and-tumble world of football would seem to be off limits to female athletes in the eyes of most observers. But the Women's Professional Football League is a small but fiercely determined group of women who have dedicated themselves to making a place for female athletes on the gridiron. True-Hearted Vixens is a documentary that takes a look at the inaugural season of the WPFL, and in particular two of the players struggling to live out their dreams as professional footballers -- Jane Bolin, a political consultant and longtime rugby enthusiast, and Kertia "Moochie" Lofton, a single mother and the league's star wide receiver. True-Hearted Vixens (named for Lofton's team, the Minnesota Vixens) was screened at the 2001 L.A. Outfest, and was also shown as part of the acclaimed PBS documentary series P.O.V..