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Having been brutally raped by a marauding Congo militia and left with a fistula that made her incontinent while also darkening her prospects for starting a family, a 20-year-old African woman is rejected by her family and forced to seek solace in a hospital for rape survivors in filmmakers Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt and Nelson Walker III's meditation on the use of sexual assault as a weapon of terror. In the Congo, militias, armies, and bandits vying for power continually resort to rape as a means of intimidation. While young Lumo Sinai was lucky to survive her attack, the condition it left her in would find her rejected by both her fiancé and her immediate family. Only by checking into a hospital devoted to helping rape survivors cope with their trauma would Lumo find the strength and courage to soldier on, but her story is but one of many in a land where countless women live in fear every day.