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The resilience of the human spirit and the restorative power of true love serve as the focal points of this documentary, which follows the recovery process of a gifted guitarist stricken by a debilitating brain hemorrhage. Guitarist Jason Crigler was performing a 2004 concert in Manhattan when he suddenly collapsed. Crigler had suffered from a massive brain hemorrhage, and he was lucky just to be alive. According to his doctors, it was highly unlikely that Crigler would ever even walk again, much less pick up a guitar and start strumming. But then something remarkable happened: Crigler's pregnant wife and the couple's devoted family decided not to accept the doctor's diagnosis and to take the recovery of their beloved into their own hands. Over the course of the next three years, Crigler's family worked around the clock to reactivate his brain by stimulating his intellect and showering him with love. In an era when doctors consistently fall back on scientific progress in order to gauge their patient's potential for recovery, could the power of relationships prove strong enough to conjure up a medical miracle?


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