The Edge of Dreaming


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If one believes that dreams can come true, what does that mean if our dreams bring bad news? Filmmaker Amy Hardie found herself pondering this question when she awoke one night from a powerful and vivid dream in which her horse had died. Hardie went out to her stable to see how her horse was doing, only to find that it had died just as it had in her dream. While Hardie rarely remembered her dreams and cast a skeptical eye on the notion of psychic prognostication, the incident had a profound impact on her, and she became more than a bit worried when shortly before her 48th birthday she had similarly realistic dream in which she died shortly before turning 49. Hardie chose to chronicle the next year of her life, as she discussed her suddenly active dream life with neurologists, psychiatrists, a variety of spiritual thinkers, and of course, her family. The film that resulted, The Edge of Dreaming, is a meditation on mortality, the unconscious, and the state of the world in a time when the environment is in an increasingly precarious state. The Edge of Dreaming was an official selection at the 2009 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.


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