Episode 013


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On the first episode of the second season of Project Greenlight, the big change in the rules is explained. Unlike last season, wherein Pete Jones won the contest for his script, and got the chance to direct his own film, Stolen Summer, this season, two winners will be chosen -- one for best screenplay, and one for best director. The director winner will direct the screenplay winner's script. Four director finalists, Joe Otting, Dagen Merrill, Jessica Landaw, and the team of Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle, are chosen based on video interpretations of a nonsensical script sent by the judges. The judges also read the top 50 screenplays (selected by an online peer review) and select the final ten. Those screenwriters are called and invited to Sundance to meet with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Moore, and executives from Blockbuster Video and Miramax. On getting the call from Affleck and Damon, one female finalist says, "I wasn't even this excited when I lost my virginity," to which Damon replies, "Oh, so you've already met Ben." One screenwriter gets frustrated during his "pitch meeting" when Jennifer Lopez, Affleck's paramour, quietly walks into the room. One of the director candidates, Landaw, excitedly approaches Erica Beeney, whose script, The Battle of Shaker Heights, Landaw loved. At the end of the episode, Moore gathers the writers together to tell them that four finalists have been selected -- Beeney, Robert Lynn (Prisoner), Daniel Stern and Tyler Fereira (The Rebound Guy), and Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker (Cheeks). This was initially aired back-to-back with the second episode of season two.