Episode 015


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Erica Beeney has been chosen as the contest winner for her script, The Battle of Shaker Heights. Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle have been chosen to direct. Having seen the first season of Project Greenlight, Potelle expresses concern about Chris Moore's decision to hire Jeff Balis again, but Moore says he loves working with Balis. Meryl Poster of Miramax opines that it's "nuts" that Balis is back. Moore holds the first script meeting, and worries that the contest winners are too polite, as they seem to agree with everything he says. Matt Damon says there's a lot of pressure on the trio, because "for Project Greenlight to continue, this movie has to be successful." Beeney returns home to Columbus for a few days to say goodbye to her friends. Potelle and Rankin check out their new offices at Miramax, and meet opinionated casting director Joseph Middleton. Middleton feels like the directors are setting their sights a bit high (Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler) and wants them to consider Emile Hirsch (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys) for the lead. Potelle expresses uncertainty. The directors suggest to Moore that Potelle could edit the film, as he has their previous projects. Moore kind of likes the idea because it will save money. Balis thinks the directors need to be steered, and feels that they should hire an editor. When Moore gives the directors the word from Miramax that they don't want Potelle to edit the film, they passively accept the news, causing more worry that they are afraid to fight for their own vision. This episode was originally shown back-to-back with episode 16.