Episode 019


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It's the first day of the shoot, time for directors Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin to show what they can do. Screenwriter Erica Beeney is also on the set, though she's uncertain what her role is going to be. Chris Moore shows up on the set and questions a choice that the directors have made. He's worried that their sense of humor might be too broad for the film, but he lets them have their way. At one point, the directors are shown telling Kathleen Quinlan (who plays Eve, Kelly's [Shia LaBeouf] mom) that they are open to changing the dialogue to suit the actors' needs. The first day goes pretty smoothly overall, and Moore is pleased. The next day, Jeff Balis gets bad news. Christopher McDonald, who'd been cast as Abe, Kelly's father, has a scheduling conflict. The production either has to change the schedule to accommodate him, or replace him. Cinematographer Thomas Ackerman is friends with actor Christopher Lloyd, and agrees to ask him about taking the role. Miramax gives the okay, and the directors assent, but when Moore talks to Lloyd on the phone, he doesn't seem very enthusiastic. Moore has to leave the production to go to the set of American Wedding. Balis gets word that Lloyd turned them down, so he asks Miramax if they can go back to William Sadler, who the directors originally wanted to offer the part. But with Abe's first big scene scheduled for the next morning, Miramax execs say they want to try to find someone else for the role. Balis contacts Moore, who puts his foot down, and Sadler ends up taking the job. The next day, with a tight schedule, LaBeouf and Sadler have little time to prepare to shoot the emotional climax of the film.