Episode 020


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Chris Moore arrives on the set having seen dailies from the first day. "It was a disaster," says Moore, referring to an emotional scene that ended with an unscripted group hug. Screenwriter Erica Beeney and producer Jeff Balis concur, and Moore chastises both of them for not being more vocal about their displeasure. Meanwhile, on the second day, Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin make some changes to a battle scene, causing a chain reaction that wastes precious shooting time. Balis advises Rankin to make any changes to the shot list, and not wait until they're ready to shoot to tell the crew about the changes. That night, Potelle and Rankin rewrite an entire scene and, to avoid showing the changes to Beeney, they have their assistant type the new pages up. When Beeney sees the new pages the next morning after shooting has begun, she gets very upset. Moore shares her displeasure, especially after he learns that Rankin was dishonest with Balis about the extent of the changes. Directing finalist Jessica Landaw, who had wanted to direct Beeney's script, visits on the set, and Beeney complains to her about the directors' behavior. At lunch, Moore puts his foot down, telling Potelle and Rankin that they are not authorized by Miramax to make changes to the script.