Episode 021


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It's the ninth day of filming. Chris Moore, worried about the infamous "group hug" that directors Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin allowed into an earlier take of a pivotal scene, is keeping a sharp eye out for any scenes that he feels could be played "too dramatically." Screenwriter Erica Beeney comments that the film is turning out a lot more "weighty" than she expected. She finds herself asking, "Did I write a really cheesy, crappy movie?," but thinks the blame lies with the directors. William Sadler asks for time to work out a scene with his young co-star, but he can't avoid Potelle's interference. Sadler says the young directors are "insecure." The shoot falls behind schedule while shooting a pivotal scene taking place at Tabby's (Amy Smart) wedding. Potelle and Rankin can't seem to come to an agreement about what they want from the actors, and they do take after take without anyone being satisfied. The actors are increasingly uneasy. Moore, Beeney, and Jeff Balis give notes to the directors and discuss the scene in view of the actors. Potelle feels the need to call them aside and have an hour-long meeting about their communication procedures while Smart and Shia LaBeouf (Kelly) wait on the set. The directors claim that the actors are losing confidence in them because they see the producers and the screenwriters giving them notes. Moore says they're losing confidence because Potelle gave a note, and Rankin gave the opposite note after one take. As the crew desperately try to squeeze two more setups into the day, assistant director Dennis Benatar expresses his frustration with the directors' disorganized methods to line producer Joel Hatch.