Episode 022


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The shoot has come down to the home stretch, and the cast and crew are a bit worn out. Spirits are raised when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pay a visit to the set. Affleck says he's there because he was concerned about the writing in a scene involving Tabby's (Amy Smart) WASP-y family, but he's happy with how Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (who plays Tabby's mother) does the scene. Screenwriter Erica Beeney, meanwhile, has a friendly chat with Lopez. Later, Beeney gives directors Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin notes in front of the star, Shia LaBeouf, and the directors chastise her for it. During a scene involving Ray Wise (who plays Tabby's father), Potelle objects to the way the boom operator, Sterling Moore, speaks to him. He wants Moore fired, but with six days left to shoot, producer Jeff Balis tells Potelle to suck it up. The two manage to resolve their differences. There's more tension on the set when Smart and LaBeouf have to do a love scene. On the last night of the shoot, LaBeouf is given some new dialogue and has a difficult time remembering his lines. As the hours tick away, the crew does take after take, and LaBeouf's frustration and exhaustion begin to show.