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Tommy discovers that Janet is taking antidepressants, and he decides to take some for himself. Elsewhere, Sean tries to make things right between Franco and Laura, but he only makes things worse; and the crew questions Mike's sexual orientation after a gay guy stops by the station looking for him.


Denis Leary
as Tommy Gavin
James McCaffrey
as Jimmy Keefe
Daniel Sunjata
as Franco Rivera
John Scurti
as Lt. Kenny `Lou' Shea
Steven Pasquale
as Sean Garrity
Andrea Roth
as Janet Gavin
Michael Lombardi
as Mike Siletti
Jack McGee
as Chief Jerry Reilly
Diane Farr
as Laura Miles
Dean Winters
as Johnny Gavin Jr.
Natalie Distler
as Colleen Gavin
Trevor Heins
as Connor Gavin
Charles Durning
as Johnny Gavin Sr.
Lenny Clarke
as Uncle Teddy
Christopher Durham
as Father Murphy
Bernardo De Paula
as Jesus Christ
Jessica Leccia
as Mary Magdelene
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