Schemes of the Devil


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Tom receives help from Bellamy and Fred in his search for Rachael, whose situation grows more dire as her captors become more desperate. Meanwhile, Maggie and Dr. Ward find themselves on the brink of promising breakthrough as they continue their research on the resurrected subjects, but everything must be put on hold to deal with a sudden epidemic.


Omar Epps
as J. Martin Bellamy
Frances Fisher
as Lucille Langston
Kurtwood Smith
as Henry Langston
Matt Craven
as Fred Langston
Devin Kelley
as Maggie Langston
Mark Hildreth
as Pastor Tom Hale
Samaire Armstrong
as Elaine Richards
Sam Hazeldine
as Caleb Richards
James Tupper
as Dr. Eric Ward
Kathleen Munroe
as Rachael Braidwood
Ned Bellamy
as Sam Catlin
April Billingsley
as Barbara Langston
Gary Weeks (II)
as Dep. Andrew Chartman
Kevin Sizemore
as Gary Humphery
Christopher Berry
as Dep. Carl Enders
Chris Berry
as Dep. Carl Enders
Michael Harding
as Paul Thornton
Jwaundace Candece
as Mrs. Camille Thompson
Shawn Shepard
as Mr. Wallace Thompson
Nadej Bailey
as Jenny Thompson
Ashlee Payne
as Polly Humphery
Tracy Goode
as Sheriff Deputy #1
Garrett Kruithof
as Confused Man
Dane Davenport
as Korean War Officer
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