Chained Heat


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Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Maggie head to Pontiac, Illinois. Miles is hoping to find an old friend, Nora, whose expertise, he says, is absolutely required if they're to rescue Danny. He learns the hard way that General Monroe has put a hefty bounty on his head when a bounty hunter tries to capture him. Miles is prepared to execute him but Charlie convinces him not to, something they will later regret.


Billy Burke
as Miles Matheson
Tracy Spiridakos
as Charlie Matheson
Giancarlo Esposito
as Tom Neville
Tim Guinee
as Ben Matheson
Maria Howell
as Grace Beaumont
David Lyons
as Gen. Sebastian "Bass" Monroe
Elizabeth Mitchell
as Rachel Matheson
Zak Orth
as Aaron Pittman
JD Pardo
as Jason Neville
Graham Rogers
as Danny Matheson
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