Episode 6


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River is convinced that Stevie's investigation into the exploitation of undocumented migrants holds the key to her murder. Further questioning of someone close to the team reveals a system of immigration cases that could lead into some very unexpected places. When a common link to certain businesses is found, it all starts to fall into place for River, with unfortunate repercussions.


Stellan Skarsgard
as John River
Nicola Walker
as Jackie 'Stevie' Stevenson
Lesley Manville
as Chrissie Read
Eddie Marsan
as Thomas Cream
Adeel Akhtar
as Ira King
Georgina Rich
as Rosa Fallows
Turlough Convery
as Frankie Stevenson
Sorcha Cusack
as Bridie Stevenson
Owen Teale
as Marcus McDonald
Lydia Leonard
as Marianne King
Steve Nicolson
as Jimmy Stevenson
Josef Altin
as Christopher Riley
Shannon Tarbet
as Erin Fielding
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