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Rules of Engagement (2007 - 2013)

Rules of Engagement (2007 - 2013)






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Comedy that explores relationships through the eyes of two couples and their single male friend. One couple is newly engaged, the other is long married, and the single guy only wants sexual relationships without commitment, so each has a unique perspective on the male-female condition.more
Creator: Tom Hertz


Rules of Engagement: Season 7
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2013, CBS, 13 episodes

Rules of Engagement: Season 6
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2011, CBS, 15 episodes

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2010, CBS, 24 episodes

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2010, CBS, 13 episodes

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2009, CBS, 13 episodes

Rules of Engagement: Season 2
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2007, CBS, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: Rules of Engagement utilizes an old-fashioned, hoary outlook on gender politics, lacking wit or insight.

2007, CBS, 7 episodes

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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Feb 5, 2007
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Adam Sandler , Andy Ackerman , Jack Giarraputo , Doug Robinson , Tom Hertz
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Gloria Le Roy
as Margaret
Don Perry
as Henry
Smith Cho
as Sarah
David Spade
as Russell
Mike Siegel
as Sales Guy
Jessica Tuck
as Mrs. Westlin
Jessica Walter
as Constance
Mircea Monroe
as Danielle
Peggy Lipton
as Adam's Mom
Gary Kraus
as Camaro Guy
Brian Dennehy
as Roy Bingham
Tony Hale
as Steve
Mim Drew
as Woman
Josie Davis
as Clarissa
Jordi Caballero
as Mr. Austin
Marcus Toji
as Maynard
Noah Munck
as Mackenzie
Emily Foxler
as Stephanie
John DiResta
as Conductor
Alan Ruck
as Dr. Greenblatt
Criss Angel
as Himself
Sara Rue
as Brenda
Holly Lynch
as Heather
Marco Assante
as Delivery Man
Carla Harvey
as Woman #1
Tyler Spindel
as Mail Guy
Glenn Taranto
as Mr. Micelli
David Gautreaux
as Mr. Charles
Marc Goldsmith
as Party Guy
Maree Cheatham
as Mrs. Fulford
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