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½ January 9, 2019
Not great
January 6, 2019
No one is safe in this gated community. Safe has the pacing of a typical BBC mystery but has splashes of comedy intertwined in the plot line. I especially enjoyed the take on the proper English accent. Best for a rainy day binge.
January 5, 2019
What a fantastic suspenseful crime drama! This series keeps you wondering what?s going to happen next! I don?t see how there will be a second season, but so far it?s worth the watch. Just get through the slow moving 1st episode, you won?t be disappointed!
½ January 5, 2019
Terrific! Highly recommend.
January 4, 2019
Great story with lots of plots and twists (admittedly im a big fan of Harlan Coben?s vioks), a good example of its genre, makes you want to keep watching.

But ..... I?m not sure why rhe critical reviews praise the cast (no one i know) and rhe acting- IMO the acting is quite wooden with only a couple of exceptions (mainly Amanda Abbington as Sophie) and the dialogue is EXTREMELY pedestrian.
December 29, 2018
Interesting enough that I sat and binged it overnight. Enjoyed the cast and the story which kept me guessing until the final episode.
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