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Saving Grace (2007 - 2010)

Saving Grace (2007 - 2010)





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A hard-living, self-destructive Oklahoma City detective experiences a gradual spiritual awakening upon encountering an enigmatic, tobacco-spitting angel named Earl in this gritty crime series.more


Saving Grace: Season 4
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2009, TNT, 19 episodes

Saving Grace: Season 2
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2008, TNT, 14 episodes

Saving Grace: Season 1
Critics Consensus: Saving Grace, though trying to balance too many elements all at once, shines through with Holly Hunter, combined with some outstanding scripts that master the show's dark tone.

2007, TNT, 13 episodes

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Holly Hunter
as Grace Hanadarko
Kenneth Johnson
as Ham Dewey
Bailey Chase
as Butch Ada
Bokeem Woodbine
as Leon Cooley
Laura San Giacomo
as Rhetta Rodriguez
Kenny Johnson
as Ham Dewey
Tom Irwin
as Father John
Gregory Cruz
as Bobby Stillwater
Frances Fisher
as Aunt Cathy
Marshall Allman
as Wade Tyrell
Wes Studi
as Robert Stillwater
Rene Auberjonois
as Father Patrick Murph...
Steve Rankin
as Alvin Green
David Gallagher
as Paul Shapiro
Judson Mills
as Ralph Dewey
Jack Conley
as Nick Dewey
Elias Koteas
as William Drugh
Rex Linn
as Wiley
Malcolm David Kelley
as Benjamin Cooley
Mariette Hartley
as Emily Jane Ada
Christina Ricci
as Abby Charles
Kayla Mae Maloney
as Kiley Hogan
Adina Porter
as Tamara Cooley
Gordon MacDonald
as Jack St. Clair
Michael Lerner
as Rebbe Jory Quecksilb...
Jessica Lundy
as Bell Grady
Chris Mulkey
as Doug Norman
Steven Culp
as Det. Brad Gholson
Lisa Sheridan
as Michelle
Camillia Sanes
as Marissa Stillwater
Patrick St. Esprit
as Leo Hanadarko
Sorel Carradine
as Karyn Smith
Josh Cooke
as Zeke Djybuk
Marina Black
as Saxona Snora
Erin Cahill
as Kendra Burke
Christopher Murray
as Leroy Johnson
Onahoua Rodriguez
as Esther Prueza
Nick Daley
as Andrew Richards
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Linda Hall
Kevin Ramsey
as Otis Yukon
Melinda McGraw
as Hartley Green
Mykel Shannon Jenkin...
as Dion `Bigtime' Reyno...
Rick Hall
as Nelson
Brian Poth
as Russell Tipton
Michael O'Keefe
as Father Lloyd Tierney
Rodney Eastman
as Carl Sperry
Grainger Hines
as KC McComb
Dee Wallace
as Janice Shapiro
Jessy Schram
as Sayre Hanadarko
Damien Leake
as Calvin Revo
Michael Mantell
as Boone Tate
Wesley Harris
as Ed Ligardi
Tim Guinee
as Kirby Jet
Ramon De Campo
as Penn Navarro
Salvator Xuereb
as Scott Tolliver
Mary-Margaret Humes
as Deanne Wells
Lawrence Pressman
as Mr. Nesbitt
John O'Leary
as Victor Eli
Rod Rowland
as Morgan Jenny Jr.
Klea Scott
as Melinda Vincente
Pat Crawford Brown
as Ethel Mae Wilson
Joe Reegan
as Troy Eli
Daniella Alonso
as Lily Blackbird
Amy Madigan
as Gretchen Ligardi
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Office Del Garber
Larry Sullivan
as Donald Jacobs
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