• Genre: Drama
  • Air date: Oct 10, 2013
  • Network: ABC





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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is the second episode of the third season of Scandal, and is the thirty-first overall. It is the first flashback episode of the season and the eighth overall. It was written by Heather Mitchell and directed by Allison Liddi-Brown; and aired on October 10, 2013.


Flashbacks reveal more about Olivia's relationship with her father, Eli Pope and a little more about her past relationship with Edison Davis. Through the flashbacks we see how Olivia and David Rosen first met. And more about Olivia's relationship with homeless Huck is shown.

Back in the present, The White House and Olivia Pope & Associates work to clean up the mess they created by outing Jeannine's name to the press. Olivia plans to have Jeannine speak to the press and deny the affair, while Cyrus & Mellie push Fitz to hold a press conference and admit to the affair.

Meanwhile, Olivia works to get Jake free from "the hole." After the gladiators meet Daddy Pope Quinn goes looking into Olivia's past; but Huck tries to stop her, until she comes across something that involves him.

Huck learns shocking information Olivia kept from him... what could it be??? And what action will he take! Read the recap to find out.


  • Olivia and the team work to help Jeannine Locke repair her reputation
  • Olivia goes to Huck to find out some more about B613
  • Quinn digs into Olivia's past
  • Mellie & Cyrus try to push Fitz to release a statement about the Jeannine situation
  • Fitz asks Cyrus to look into whether or not Jake Ballard is still alive
  • Mellie comes up with her own idea about how to "handle" Jeannine
  • Fitz uses Tom to communicate with Olivia
  • Rowan pushes Cyrus to "take care" of the Jeannine problem
  • Rowan puts Olivia between a rock and a hard place
  • Olivia continues to probe her father about Jake
  • Flashback: Olivia goes to a mutual friend - David - to get some help about Huck
  • Recap

    We jump back five years to a time when Olivia Pope had dinner with her dad every Sunday. She'd bring a then-homeless Huck a doggie bag. Every Sunday. Olivia is only at the restaurant as part of a deal she made with her father so he'll pay off her law school loans. The man we know as Rowan (aka Eli Pope) tries to apologize for his past mistakes. Olivia decides to try, too. She mentions she has a boyfriend. It's Edison. As for Rowan, he rambles about his boring work at the Smithsonian. After dinner, Olivia is attacked at the train station. A nearby Huck springs into action to save her. This was the first time Olivia would see just how lethal he could be.

    In the present day, Fitz sends Tom to follow Olivia jogging where he hands her a burner phone so they can talk. He knows they can't come clean about their relationship now. He also mentions a recent trip where he shot hoops with the Dalai Lama, who reportedly has a sweet jump shot. Fitz tells Olivia this story because, when something happens, she's the only one he wants to share it with. He knows that Jeannine Locke is an innocent kid. He also knows that Olivia is going to attack the White House to prove this. That's fine with him. "Bring it," Fitz says. Game on!

    "Doom. Gloom. Fate of the Republic. I get it." This is how Cyrus answers a call from the ever-cheery Rowan, who wants to know why the White House hasn't made a statement about Jeannine. It may have something to do with the fact that Cy can't find her. That's because she's on TV next to Olivia as they give a press conference right in front of the White House. Cyrus and Mellie want Fitz to grow some "presidential-size balls" to confirm that he slept with Jeannine Locke. That's not going to happen. So Mellie has Cyrus leak a document detailing all the days she was out of town and Jeannine was hanging around the Oval Office late at night. The press connects the manufactured dots.

    Four years ago, Huck told Olivia how he worked for the secret CIA offshoot B-613. It was run by a man called Command in a place code-named Wonderland. Huck was put in a hole for a very long time. He now lives at the train station where he craves a cheeseburger. Perhaps Olivia can bring him one after dinner with her dad, who introduces her to fine wine. No sign of popcorn though. Olivia mentions B-613. Daughter doesn't see dad's internal alarm go off. A short time later, Huck is MIA. He's been arrested and labeled as a schizophrenic. At least that's what Liv thinks until her first-ever meeting with David Rosen reveals that's a lie.

    Olivia's fellow gladiators are surprised to meet her dad when he shows up at the office. Rowan is happy to see them all, Huck included. He lets Olivia know that he needs America to believe that it was Jeannine Locke who had an affair with the president if she ever wants to see Jake Ballard again. The two of them smile and laugh to mask the venom of their conversation from the others. Rowan, smiling ear-to-ear, suggests she have a chat with Huck if she truly wants to know what happened to Jake. The story isn't pretty. Olivia knows Jake's fate is looking grim. She makes a call to the one person she thinks can help: The President of the United States.

    Four years ago, Olivia checked out the front that was used to cover up the work of B-613. It was the Acme Limited Paper Company located on Wonderland Avenue. Olivia knows the name. It's on a pen her dad gave to her. She demands to know what he really does for a living. She wants to know if he works in Wonderland. Rowan explains that his daughter never wants to know him the way he truly is because that would ruin their Sunday dinners. A short time later, Olivia introduces Rowan to her fiancé, Edison. He's a senator who will make sure spies get treated right. This is Olivia's way of telling her dad that she wants Huck back. Rowan obliges, but also infers that he was behind a car accident that injured Edison.

    Using her "bitchy" charm Abby convinces Jeannine's White House pal, Ethan, to help them obtain instant messages that prove she was never alone with the president. A press conference is in the works. Jeannine breaks down as her life spins out of control. Olivia promises to get her through this. A short time later, Jeannine gets a call from an unexpected person: the First Lady. Mellie wants to talk about her future. Their chat takes place while Olivia is out at the morgue. She heads down there anytime they bring in a body that matches Jake's look and build. When the day of the press conference arrives, Olivia learns that Jeannine told her coworker to destroy the instant messages. Uh oh!

    Fitz lets Cyrus know that he wants B-613 to release Jake. That's not possible. B-613 doesn't exactly work for the president. Olivia realizes Jeannine is going to lie and say she had the affair. She wants to know who got her. She calls Fitz, who reveals that Jake is alive. Olivia screams, "You bring him back!" She knows that if she saves Jeannine then Jake dies. If she lets Jeannine burn, Jake lives. She tells , dad, Eli Pope that she'll put Sunday dinners back on the table if he saves Jake's life. Dad says he'll take this under consideration.

    Jeannine Locke was promised two million tax-free dollars to lie about the affair. She figures she may as well make a profit from all this. Olivia pleads with her to not do what she's about to do. Her plea becomes irrelevant. Their live TV moment is preempted. Fitz is on TV making a statement. He tells the world that he had an affair with Jeannine, whose press conference is abruptly canceled. Fitz later tells Vice President Sally Langston he "had Jeannine Locke six ways to Sunday all over this White House." But Sally doesn't believe a word that is coming out of his mouth. As for Jeannine, at least she'll be able to get a book deal out of all this.

    Quinn has been hacking Olivia's email because, well, she can. She finds one that seems to talk about Huck. It was all about how he helped her that night in Union Station. Huck puts two and two together. He corners Olivia in the parking structure violently wanting to know if her father is B-613, by chocking her. He wants to know if her father is Command. The answer to both questions is yes. Huck silently walks away. Later, Olivia receives a call from Eli telling her to open her front door. She's stunned to see a beaten and bloodied Jake on the other side. As for dear old dad, he expects his daughter to be at his house for dinner Sunday night. He'll choose the wine.


    Main Cast

  • Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope
  • Columbus Short as Harrison Wright
  • Scott Foley as Jake Ballard
  • Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan
  • Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins
  • Guillermo Díaz as Huck
  • Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene
  • Joshua Malina as US Attorney David Rosen
  • Bellamy Young as First Lady Mellie Grant
  • Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant
  • Supporting Cast

  • Joe Morton as Rowan / Eli Pope
  • Norm Lewis as Senator Edison Davis
  • Kate Burton as Vice President Sally Langston
  • Brian Letscher as Tom
  • Recurring Cast

  • Samantha Sloyan as Jeannine Locke
  • Sharmila Devar as Lauren Wellman
  • Steven W. Bailey as Noah Elliot -
  • Kate McGregor-Stewart as Mary
  • Vanya Asher as Ethan
  • Kristin Carey as Brooke Foster
  • Eben Ham as Tanner Shaw
  • Credits

    (This list is in the order as they appeared on the original airing of the episode.)

    Guest Starring

  • Kate Burton as Vice President Sally Langston
  • Norm Lewis as Senator Edison Davis
  • Brian Letscher as Tom
  • Steven W. Bailey as Noah Elliot - M.E.
  • Samantha Sloyan as Jeannine Locke
  • Sharmila Devar as Lauren Wellman
  • And

  • Joe Morton as Rowan / Eli Pope
  • Co-Starring

  • Kate McGregor-Stewart as Mary
  • Vanya Asher as Ethan - White House Staffer
  • Eben Ham as Tanner Shaw
  • Rachel Smith as Entertainment News Reporter
  • Cecilia Vega as Local News Reporter
  • Kristin Carey as Brooke Foster
  • Keith Sellon-Wright as Garrett Cole
  • Danielle Rayne as Elaine Day
  • Robin McWilliams as Licorice
  • Cecilia Specht as Saleswoman
  • Mel Fair as Smarmy Cable Host #1
  • Diahnna Nicole Baxter as Smarmy Cable Host #2
  • Meghan Maureen McDonough as Smarmy Cable Host #3
  • Will Bowers as Second Male Talking Head
  • Bianca DeGroat as Producer
  • James Logan as Mugger #1
  • Trivia

  • Columbus Short's son was on set on August 6, 2013.
  • It was revealed in the September 23, 2013 issue of the TV Guide that this episode would be a flashback episode.
  • This episode is the first that Samantha Sloyan was credited in the beginning credits.
  • We learn how David Rosen and Olivia Pope met; and is the first flashback episode for David's (Joshua Malina) character.
  • Sharmila Devar (Lauren Wellman) appears and is credited in this episode, but she had no dialogue!
  • This episode marks the return of the M.E. Noah Elliot (Steven W. Bailey and it is the first - and possibly only - time his character will be in a flashback.
  • Director Allison Lidi-Brown also directed the season two episode, Seven Fifty-Two where we first saw the DC Union Station.
  • Production Dates

  • (7/30) - Filming began at a top secret location.
  • (7/31) - Kerry Washington, Columbus Short & Guillermo Díaz were on set filming scenes; setting downtown.
  • (8/01) - Columbus, Katie Lowes, Darby Stanchfield & Tony Goldwyn were on set filming scenes.
  • (8/01) - The OPA cast (Kerry, Columbus, Darby, Guillermo & Katie) was on set in the OPA office filming scenes.
  • (8/02) - Kerry was on set for a late night of filming; it is unknown who she was filming with.
  • (8/02) - Darby was on set filming.
  • (8/05) - Katie & Guillermo filmed a Hucelberry Quinn scene early in the AM.
  • (8/06) - Kerry & Columbus were on set for an early shot. It is unknown if the rest of the OPA cast were on-set as well.
  • (8/06) - Darby was on set filming some scenes.
  • (8/07) - Darby & Guillermo were on set filming scenes and tweeting.
  • (8/09) - Shooting began in the early evening. Known actors on set: Kerry Washington & Columbus Short. Kerry was on set till 4 am.
  • (8/12) - Today the cast filmed on location; location unknown.
  • (8/13) - Shooting for this episode overlapped with beginning to film Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington; both episodes had scenes filmed.
  • (8/26) - Shonda Rhimes worked with the editors to cut together the episode.
  • Gallery

    Behind the Scenes

    These pictures are courtesy of the actors and production team's Twitter posts.


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