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Scrubs (2001 - 2010)

Scrubs (2001 - 2010)






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An engaging (and periodically serious) look at hospital work through the eyes of a young intern, coping with unusual challenges presented by colleagues as well as patients. The show is a smart mix of humor and social commentary, and has had a diverse lineup of guest stars, including Colin Hay of Men at Work, Brendan Fraser, Dick Van Dyke and, in one of his rare TV appearances since he left full-time work because of Parkinson's disease, Michael J. Fox.
Creator: Bill Lawrence

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2009, ABC, 13 episodes

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2009, ABC, 19 episodes

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2007, ABC, 11 episodes

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2006, ABC, 22 episodes

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2006, ABC, 24 episodes

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2004, ABC, 25 episodes

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2003, ABC, 22 episodes

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2002, ABC, 22 episodes


Zach Braff
as John `J.D.' Dorian
Sarah Chalke
as Elliot Reid
Donald Faison
as Christopher Turk
John C. McGinley
as Dr. Perry Cox
Judy Reyes
as Carla Espinosa
Ken Jenkins
as Dr. Bob Kelso
Neil Flynn
as The Janitor
Robert Maschio
as Todd Quinlan
Sam Lloyd
as Ted Buckland
Elizabeth Banks
as Kim Briggs
Christa Miller
as Jordan Sullivan
Scott Foley
as Sean Kelly
Aloma Wright
as Laverne Roberts
Heather Graham
as Molly Clock
Travis Schuldt
as Keith Dudemeister
Eliza Coupe
as Denise Mahoney
Michael Mosley
as Drew Suffin
Johnny Kastl
as Doug Murphy
Dave Franco
as Cole Aaronson
Kerry Bishé
as Lucy Bennett
Charles Chun
as Dr. Wen
Tara Reid
as Danni
Tom Cavanagh
as Dan Dorian
Michael Learned
as Mrs. Wilk
Windell Middlebrooks
as Capt. Duncook
Bellamy Young
as Dr. Miller
Nicole Sullivan
as Jill Tracy
Michael Weston
as Pvt. Brian Dancer
Rick Schroder
as Nurse Paul
Richard Kind
as Mr. Corman
Matt Winston
as Dr. Jeffrey Steadman
Elizabeth Bogush
as Alex Hanson
Brendan Fraser
as Ben Sullivan
Amy Smart
as Jamie Moyer
Steven Cragg
as Lt. Underhill
Kate Micucci
as Stephanie
Courteney Cox
as Dr. Maddox
Michael McDonald
as Mike Davis
Markie Post
as Lily Reid
Bob Clendenin
as Dr. Zeltzer
Jay Kenneth Johnson
as Dr. Matthews
Heather Locklear
as Julie Keaton
Frank Cameron
as Dr. Mickhead
Paul Perry
as Randall
Don Perry
as Mr. Bober
Julie Hudson
as Dr. Gerson
John Ritter
as Sam Dorian
Lane Davies
as Simon Reid
Dave Foley
as Headrick
Frank Encarnacao
as Dr. Mickhead
Robert E. Beckwith
as Dr. Johnson
Lela Lee
as Bonnie
Kattia Ortiz
as Nurse Kattia
Joey Saravia
as Ralphie
Biff Yeager
as Dr. Walch
Paul Collins
as Dr. Benson
Ted Lange
as Mr. Blair
Alan Ruck
as Mr. Bragin
Alex Wright
as Patricia
Sean Hayes
as Nick Murdoch
Nestor Carbonell
as Dr. Ron Ramirez
Jay Mohr
as Dr. Peter Fisher
Kathryn Joosten
as Mrs. Tanner
Barry Bostwick
as Mr. Randolph
Bernie Kopell
as Mr. Moran
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
as Patti Miller
Reno Wilson
as Russell
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. Bailey
Fred Stoller
as Mr. Hoffner
Brian McGovern
as Dr. Di Stefano
Colin Hay
as Troubadour
Cheryl White
as Miss Himsel
Gary Kraus
as Seamus Meltzer (Salesman No. 2)
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
as Patti Miller
Brian Powell
as Mr. Hogan
Mike Hagerty
as Will Quinn
Sarah Ramos
as Lindsay
Ted Rogers
as Mr. Burski
Cathy Herd
as Mrs. Wheeler
Jack Shearer
as Aaron Simon
Dick Van Dyke
as Dr. Townshend
Fred Berry
as Himself
Julie Warner
as Allison
William Daniels
as Dr. Douglas
Eric Saiet
as Jerry Donovan
D.L. Hughley
as Kevin Turk
Marcus Ashley
as ER Doctor
Mike Starr
as Mr. Iverson
Anthony Russell
as Mr. Lawton
Adrian Wenner
as Phillip Chambers
Matthew Kaminsky
as Mr. Milligan
Chris Hogan
as Mr. Gerst
Steven Hack
as Dr. Bobb
Jeff Asch
as Dr. Amato
Kevin Cooney
as Mr. Woodbury
Travis Wester
as David Morrison
Eric Bogosian
as Dr. Gross
Jon Polito
as Mr. Summers
Robert Munns
as Mr. Kavanaugh
Dan Sachoff
as Matthew
Maree Cheatham
as Mrs. Warner
Barry Kivel
as Mr. Hilliard
Takayo Fischer
as Mrs. Cheng
Sugarhill Gang
as Themselves
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Peggy Townesend
Tony Tambi
as Joseph
Gina Morelli
as Carla's Mother
Masi Oka
as Franklyn
Stephen Furst
as Dr. Franklin
Tim Haldeman
as Mr. Warner
Cynthia Frost
as Mrs. Grodberg
Janet Carroll
as Mrs. Cooke
Phoebe Dorin
as Mrs. Jensen
Esther 'Tita' Mercado
as Mrs. Guerrero
Scott Peacock
as Mr. Zerbo
Hattie Winston
as Margaret Turk
Debra Azar
as Dr. Donna
Jill Tracy
as Elaine
Don Tiffany
as Mr. Marrick
Jennifer Jostyn
as Dr. Simmons
R. Lee Ermey
as Janitor's Father
Stacy Barnhisel
as Mrs. Marrick
Ken Lerner
as Mr. James
Scott Rinker
as Mr. Halford
Jack Thomas
as Jim Morrison
Kathryn White
as Mrs. Grayson
Bob Bencomo
as Colonel Doctor
Annie Little
as Christine
Art Frankel
as Mr. Foster
Tracy McCubbin
as Nurse Sheila
Mark Chaet
as Dr. Greenberg
Eric Laneuville
as Dr. Lamar
Damara Reilly
as Mrs. Koppleman
Sam Jaeger
as Steve Larkin
John Brady
as Mr. Silka
Eve Brent Ashe
as Mrs. Harris
Glynn E. Turman
as George Valentine
Lee Arenberg
as Dr. Moyer
Dayo Ade
as Mr. Hovey
Michael Alaimo
as Mr. Radford
Sabin Rich
as Stanley
J.P. Manoux
as Charlie
Don Chastain
as Mr. Chambers
Jim Hanna
as Satan
Bronwen Booth
as Miss Myers
Edith Fields
as Mrs. Foster
Eric Leviton
as Bartender
Jill Basey
as Mrs. Kellerman
Ingo Neuhaus
as Hermann Mueller
Toni Ann Rossi
as Sandy Larkin
Yvonne Martinez
as Nurse Martinez
Peter Jacobson
as Mr. Foster
as Old Woman
April Pressel
as Denise Bober
Wendy Schenker
as Mrs. MacCalla
Bart Sumner
as Mr. Blass
Kerry Michaels
as Mrs. Bumbry
Keith Allan
as Bartender
Julie Pop
as Lulu Tarasi
Cathleen Kaelyn
as Mrs. Halford
Tom Ormeny
as Arthur
Lindsey Atoddart
as Nurse Halston
James Ritz
as Mr. Hicks
Carrie Stroup
as Hot Mrs. Cantwell
Kevin Lowe
as Mr. Daniels
Brogan Roche
as Dr. Lemmon
Eamonn Roche
as Mr. Clark
Traber Burns
as Mr. Russell
Julia Campbell
as Mrs. Freemont
Amanda Thorp
as Brianna Tarasi
Soren Mueller
as Rolf Mueller
Carole Goldman
as Mrs. Goldstein
David Downs
as Mr. Bolger
Marcus Folmar
as Mr. Tillman
Steve Susskind
as Mr. Groff
Erik Estrada
as Himself
Henry LeBlanc
as Mr. McNair
Larry Udy
as Mr. Weisfelner
Richard Voigts
as Mr. Weinberg
Keith Blaney
as Mr. Simms
Fred Ornstein
as Bus Driver
Larry Marko
as Mr. Gilmore
Hunter Huston
as Intern No. 1
Carroll Spinney
as Oscar the Grouch
Marcy Minton
as Nurse Barbara
Jim Hanks
as Turner
Carol Herman
as Mrs. Carter
Monica Allgeier
as Nurse Tisdale
Stacey Hinnen
as Mr. Morgan
Jason Bateman
as Mr. Sutton
Caroll Spinney
as Oscar the Grouch
David Goryl
as Mr. Freemont
Nancy Daly
as Mrs. Gallin
Jean St. James
as Mrs. Powell
Stephanie Brown
as Dr. Jennifer Garti
Andrew Herman
as Mr. Roman
Amy Rilling
as Nurse Amy
Jack Yang
as Patient
Evelina Oboza
as Hot Blond
Scott Palmason
as Dr. Kelso Intern
Tim Moore
as Mr. Gold
Lew Dauber
as Mr. Vaughn
Herman Poppe
as Mr. Porter
Mark Ankeny
as Mr. Swick
Aseem Batra
as Josephine
Jody Carter
as Mrs. Covello
Helen Geller
as Mrs. Fishman
Geoff Stevenson
as Dr. Beardface
Daniel Saltos
as Dr. Wen Intern
Sara Van Horn
as Mrs. Emmitt
Mary Passeri
as Nurse Nelly
Debra Fordham
as Dr. Fordham
Troy Bishop
as College Dude
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