Mumbai Massacre


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Not long after the double terror of September 11, 2001 and July 7.,2005, yet another terrorist horror erupted - this one on November 26, 2008. That day, in Mumbai, India, Pakistani militants seized control of the city and proceeded to drive millions of residents into a waking nightmare - storming through cafes, train stations and five star hotels for nearly sixty hours. Meanwhile, several dramas unfolded concurrently: police frantically tried to pull together a unified and effective response, journalists attempted to cover the situation, hostages inside the hotels began frantically sending twitter and text messages out to loved ones, and - perhaps most disturbingly - the Pakistani terrorist coordinators used the media coverage to relay information about victims' whereabouts to their operatives and increase the breadth and severity of the massacre at hand. This documentary from PBS recounts that deeply disturbing, heart-wrenching chronicle.


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