What's That Noise?


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Elmo is getting ready for bed while sleeping over at Luis and Maria's apartment. Suddenly, he hears a scratchy noise! After looking for awhile, Maria discovers there is an insect behind the couch cushion. Luis uses the computer to help identify it. Maria tells Luis it has wings, antennae, jumping legs in the back, and it can hop. They discover it's a grasshopper! Elmo wants to keep it at first, but Luis explains that it would be happier outside in the grass and trees. Just as they try to catch it, Big Bird shows up to say good night. Frightened, the grasshopper hops around quickly, since birds eat grasshoppers. Big Bird tries to show the grasshopper that he likes only birdseed, but the grasshopper doesn't understand. Big Bird leaves and the grasshopper escapes back under the couch. Super Grover appears and tries to get the grasshopper to come out from under the couch. First, he tries to call him by mooing, which accidentally attracts a cow. Then he makes a scratchy noise to mimic the sound a grasshopper makes with its hind legs, but to no avail. Whoever thought one little insect would be so hard to catch? After Luis, Maria, and Elmo push the couch back to reveal the grasshopper, Elmo suggests the grasshopper might like to hop outside by himself. It works! Elmo leads him to the garden by singing and hopping. The grasshopper is happy, and Elmo can finally get some sleep.


Bob McGrath
as Bob
Loretta Long
as Susan
Roscoe Orman
as Gordon
Sonia Manzano
as Maria
Bill Irwin
as Mr. Noodle
Kristin Chenoweth
as Mrs. Noodle
Caroll Spinney
as Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch
Carroll Spinney
as Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch
Jerry Nelson
as Count von Count
Fran Brill
as Prairie Dawn
Steve Whitmire
as Ernie/Kermit the Frog
Eric Jacobson
as Bert/Grover
David Rudman
as Cookie Monster
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