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Air date: Jan 24, 2019
Air date: Jan 31, 2019
Air date: Feb 7, 2019
Air date: Feb 14, 2019
Air date: Feb 21, 2019
Air date: Feb 28, 2019
Air date: Mar 7, 2019
Air date: Mar 14, 2019
Air date: Jun 13, 2019
Air date: Jun 20, 2019
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I can't wait to see what this season of Siren has in store because I know there are going to be some big twists.

Feb 14, 2019 | Rating: 4.25/5 | Full Review…

There's still a lot of room for development, and we can only hope that the characters will continue to evolve throughout the course of the series.

Feb 14, 2019 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Siren is one of the shows I've been looking forward to since it ended last year, and this opening episode did not disappoint.

Feb 14, 2019 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Siren: Season 2

  • Aug 07, 2019
    The second season of this show about mermaids holds up pretty well. The showrunners keep things interested as some interesting new developments progress throughout this season. What I like about this show is that unlike other attractive people drama shows, the characters usually act like regular people. You don't get forced logic or unreasonable overreactions or character inconsistency like some shows of this type. Not to say that there isn't any inter-character conflict, but when it happens it feels natural. First half is stronger than the second half. Kind of wish they hadn't increased the episode count this year and told a more compact story instead. Also found the final episode to be a little cheap and a plot point set up for next season to be a little frustrating. Overall, I was entertained and will be seeing the next season.
  • Aug 02, 2019
    the story of humans and mermaids continue on Freeform 'Siren' returns for a second season with more characters and more drama Ryn is back but she's not the only one as other mermaids are out for blood against the humans and vice versa the threat of the mermaids being discovered by everyone else is also increasing last time Ben also fell under the song's spell and its effects on him are starting to show Maddie's mother also returns who tries to mend their relationship Ben and Maddie have a lot on their plates watching over more mermaids including Ryn but also trying to keep their existence secret There may be a power struggle though about Ryns role as a leader An oil company is also threatening to destroy their habitat, true it'll create jobs for the town but at the expense of the quality of the sea and the wildlife Ben's Mother is suffering from a serious illness that could kill her so their only hope may lie in extracting stem cells from the mermaids themselves Of course it's at the expense of putting their trust in the military who may have a deeper agenda Among other things there's this unusual cult that obsessed with welcoming Ryn and others of their kind into their community Ryn is also approaching mating season but the waters have to be clean enough to make a successful offsrping the finale leads to the exposure of mermaids and how the rest of the human population is reacting, is it kind or resentful? how can so much suffering be avoided if the secret never got out? can there ever be a peace between both species? you're raised in a pack, you're not meant to be solitary, some people kill because they're afraid or ashamed or angry, trusting others can be dangerous, the truth can be scary and violent Cooler new characters and story twists here thankfully Season 3 is coming and a brand new development is about to be born so to speak, I'm anxious to see how they can raise more of the stakes between mermaids and humans 'Siren' still has that addictive edge to its advantage
  • Jul 31, 2019
    Strong story and i think show has capability to reach new heights.
  • Jun 26, 2019
    Seasons not over yet so I may update my review. But so far I still love the show and can't wait for the next episode each week. Can't recall a time I've ever been so excited to watch a series. Please keep the seasons going.
  • Mar 27, 2019
    Even better than the first season
  • Mar 18, 2019
    Good i like Me From Cambodia
  • Mar 15, 2019
    Siren Season 2 Continues With Themes of Environmentalism, Inclusion, and the Dangers of Obsession.Fabulous fantasy TV . Worth watching.
  • Feb 07, 2019
    If season 2 as good as season 1 would strongly recommend this

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