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Perfect Circles


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Given that the opening sequence of each Six Feet Under episode begins with the death of a future Fisher & Sons client, it's rarely a good sign to see a major character appear right after the credits. But exactly two seasons after the series pilot that chronicled his father's death, Nate (Peter Krause) bites the big one -- or does he? After poking around with his ghostly father (Richard Jenkins) in a number of alternate realities in which Nate dies, becomes an invalid, or was never even born, Nate finally settles into a timeline in which he survives his brain surgery, marries Lisa (Lili Taylor) and eases into domesticity. As for the other Fisher siblings, David (Michael C. Hall) ekes out emotional progress with Keith (Mathew St. Patrick) in couples therapy, while Claire (Lauren Ambrose) blows off art-school classes to hang out with a hot, tattooed musician (J.P. Pitoc) whom she meets in a crematory. Meanwhile, family matriarch Ruth (Frances Conroy) enjoys time with her granddaughter but butts heads with her new daughter-in-law over child-rearing methods. On the business side of things, Federico (Freddy Rodriguez) revels in his new role as full partner in the renamed Fisher & Diaz funeral home, while Lisa tries to attend to every whim of her shrill, high-strung movie-producer boss (Catherine O'Hara). As for Brenda (Rachel Griffiths), she's nowhere to be found -- except in the anesthetized dream in which Nate married her instead of Lisa. Originally broadcast March 2, 2003, on HBO, "Perfect Circles" marked season three, episode one of the made-for-cable drama.


Peter Krause
as Nate Fisher
Michael C. Hall
as David Fisher
Frances Conroy
as Ruth Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
as Claire Fisher
Richard Jenkins
as Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
Mathew St. Patrick
as Keith Charles
Freddy Rodriguez
as Federico Diaz
Arye Gross
as Frank Muehler
Geoffrey Nauffts
as Dr. DiPaolo
Kimberlin Ann Brown
as Soap Actress
Nolan North
as Soap Actor
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Alternate Wife
Mandy June Turpin
as Crying Widow
as The Crematorium Band
Stephen Snedden
as Alternate Son
Sarah Lancaster
as Alternate Daughter
Alicia McCutcheon
as Soap-Watching Wife
Dana Desmond
as Art Teacher
Julia Vera
as Cleaning Woman
Patrice Walters
as Anesthesiologist
Bobbin Bergstrom
as Scrub Nurse
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