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You Never Know


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When Fisher & Diaz is called upon to provide funeral services for a disgruntled former office worker who died in the middle of a murderous rampage, moralistic Federico (Freddy Rodriguez) tries to put his foot down and refuse the business. The resulting friction with new partners David (Michael C. Hall) and Nate (Peter Krause) fuels Rico's longstanding resentment against the Fishers. Meanwhile, Lisa (Lili Taylor) deals with a whole different sort of office politics as she scurries around attending to Carol (Catherine O'Hara), the maniacal movie-exec boss with whom she and Nate reside. Although she's supposed to be merely Carol's personal chef, Lisa's duties are so extensive that she and Nate can barely find time to have uninterrupted sex. Claire (Lauren Ambrose), however, does almost nothing but have sex with Phil (J.P. Pitoc), the muscular musician she's been dating. But while Phil's off enjoying extracurricular relationships with other women, Claire finds time to bond with Russell (Ben Foster), a fellow art student. Ruth (Frances Conroy), too, makes a new friend: Bettina (Kathy Bates), a pal of her artsy sister Sarah (Patricia Clarkson). Deep in withdrawal from prescription painkillers and under Bettina's strict watch, Sarah tries to trick naïve Ruth into giving her some relief; instead, Ruth pops pills and bonds with straight-talking Bettina. As for Keith (Mathew St. Patrick), he's had enough bonding with David during their joint counseling sessions. Attending a one-on-one session with their shrink, he finally unloads some of his relationship angst. These feelings spill out again later at a dinner party during which Nate and Lisa find themselves sizing up David and Keith's relationship, and vice versa. Originally broadcast March 9, 2003, on HBO, "You Never Know" marked season three, episode two of the made-for-cable drama.


Peter Krause
as Nate Fisher
Michael C. Hall
as David Fisher
Frances Conroy
as Ruth Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
as Claire Fisher
Freddy Rodriguez
as Federico Diaz
Mathew St. Patrick
as Keith Charles
Kathy Bates
as Bettina
Justina Machado
as Vanessa Diaz
Arye Gross
as Frank Muehler
Ben Foster
as Russell
Matt Ross
as Daniel Showalter
Jim Ortlieb
as Andrew Wayne Milne
Julie Ariola
as Dorothy Milne
Claudette Sutherland
as Cynthia Showalter
Edward Conery
as Jim Showalter
Paul Hayes
as Joe Marti
Fred Stoller
as Telemarketer
Patricia Clarkson
as Sarah O'Conner
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